Hungarian mission in Albania to assist flood victims

Publicated on: March 6, 2015

The water purification aid team working in Selenicë, Albania since 20 February in the framework of an aid mission offered by Hungary to the flood-hit Albania, finished its work on 2 March. During this mission, the water purification equipment, the water purification and packing facilities operated by Hungarian experts produced nearly 100.000 litres clean potable water.

The extreme rainfall in January and February 2015 in Albania resulted in unexpected flood and caused significant damage in South Albania. During the two-week period of the mission launched by the Waterworks of Budapest and the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior (NDGDM), upon the request and from the financial resources for humanitarian aid of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the equipment operated by Hungarian experts performed well. While the production line was continuously running, the purified potable water was sampled and monitored in compliance with the regulations.

During the mission, Csaba Haranghy, CEO of the Waterworks of Budapest visited the disaster affected area and talked about the mission with Mr Antal Heizler, ambassador of Hungary in Tirana, Mr Szabolcs Varga, consul of Hungary in Tirana, Ms Martina Kasnyik, foreign economic attaché, Mr Jani Babi, deputy minister of agriculture, Ferdinant Aligjoni, mayor of Selenicë and with Celino Jahaj, head of civil defence in Albania.

Following the discussion, the Albanian-Hungarian professional delegation visited the camp, surveyed the operation of the production line and the activities of daily routines. After representing the technology, the parties made statements and talked about further actions and the emerging needs.

Mr Antal Heizler, ambassador of Hungary in Tirana thanked for the persistent work in extreme environment, while Mr Csaba Haranghy, CEO of the Waterworks of Budapest expressed his appreciation to the members of the team.

The aid team completed its work when the well drilled in the outskirts of the town had been connected to the network of the town, thus securing again the supply of potable water.

The team left for Hungary in the morning on 3 March, and reached Hungary through Macedonia and Serbia on 4 March, and arrived to Budapest in the evening hours.