European Year for Development: “EYD 2015” stands on Sziget Festival

Publicated on: August 8, 2015

The year of 2015 is the first among the so-called “European years”, which focuses on the European Union’s external action, global engagement, fighting against poverty. 2015 is also the year, when the Millennium Development Goals’ deadline expires, and the international community has to create the global framework of future endeavors in order to eliminate poverty and forward sustainable development.

The European Year for Development’s themes will be available at two stands on Sziget Festival: on the one hand, on the European Meeting Point between 10 am and 6 pm every day, and on the other hand, on the stand of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where the Department of International Development and Humanitarian Aid welcomes the inquiring Szitizens on the 10th, 12th and 14th August 2015 between 2 pm and 6 pm. The connection between the two stands is guaranteed by several interesting games.
One of the EYD goodwill ambassadors, Sena Dagadu vocalist, will also take part in the Festival and she will be involved in games having international development and humanitarian aid themes, which are the following:
1. Quiz
At the stand of the Ministry, a quiz can be filled in at the above mentioned intervals. The aim of this exciting quiz is to draw attention to the international organizations’ activity and international development and humanitarian aid. All participants receive gifts, and those, who fill more than 50% of the questions correctly, will take part in a game, where the chosen one wins a Sena CD.
According to the quiz, a photo exhibition will take place at the stand, which shows international development and humanitarian aid projects carried out by different NGO’s in Kenya, Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

2. Logo design
As a creative workshop, logo design has two aims: first, it would like to inspire Szitizens to create the Hungarian international development logo, and second, to make figures and patterns connected to the international development activity.
3. Caricature
Different themes of international development and humanitarian aid caricatures can be filled based on your fantasy: what are the people in the pictures talking about?
4. “Banana Split”
“Banana Split” game would like to illustrate what happens to a banana before it arrives at the consumer. All participants of the banana chain have a role play card, which contains the arguments of why the player is entitled to the larger part of the price. The players’ aim is to convince the others about one’s due bigger shares. The purpose is to draw attention that the banana worker receives only 1/30 from the price of the banana.
5. “Walk in her shoes”
In reference to the project of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid (“How long would you walk for a glass of water?”), we organize a water-carrying action on Sziget Festival. We would like to raise awareness to the difficulties of getting clean water. In Africa, water-carrying is the women’s task, who carry 20 liter heavy cans filled with water to bring it to their home.
The reward for those participants, who take part in several games, is an wooden logic cube, on which the sectoral international development elements can be read.