The awarded Czech, Polish, Slovakian and Hungarian drawings of the “Our world, our dignity, our future” drawing competition were exhibited as part of the Foundation for Africa’s day-long event called “Vízibility Nap” organized as one of the closing events of the European Year for Development.

The participants of the program could meet the 1st prize winner in the topic of decent work, Hanna Peresztegi. She explained to the audience how a 5th grader had become interested in such a complex topic, what her opinion about the topic was and how her thoughts had been turned into drawings.

The awarded artworks are planned to be exhibited at different venues throughout the year 2016. On request, schools can also have the opportunity to host the exhibition. In case of any further question please feel free to contact our department at gdWZdZqndJvJlqq7NZhY0xTbmVmZWZvQG1mYS5nb3YuaHU= and follow our website. The whole material of the exhibition is available online here. The handbook developed for teachers to help the comprehension of the complex topics of the competition, can be downloaded here.